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Re-use and Repair Update - August 2017

Hello and welcome to the new style Re-use and Repair update.  This is intended to update community groups on news and ideas that may be useful.  If you have anything to contribute, please do send it to me at

Climate Challenge Fund

Time is very short now to get your Expressions of Interest (EOI) in to the Climate Challenge Fund for funding for 2018-20.  EOIs must be in by 28th August, but the sooner the better as the Development Officers will need to confirm your ideas are elligible and then get you to fill in a draft application form by 8th September.  If you want to discuss any waste elements to your application with me, just get in touch at
There are also development grants of up to £1,500 available through CCF (even if you're not applying for CCF funding immediately).  Details are on their website.
Zero Waste Scotland can offer you support to help with your waste related projects covering, Re-use, Recycling and Food Waste. 

Have a look at our partners site for details of our resources including postcards, fliers, and our 'Repair and Share' guide to help you set up repairing and sharing projects.

There are also 'how to' run re-use and repair sessions and an ideas guides on our Pass it on Week page.

And there are some fantastic 'how to' guides and videos on our upcycling page.

Case Studies

Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration for your project.  Seeing what other groups have done can be invaluable.  We really recommend visiting other groups, but if you don't have the time for that, have a look at what's available online ...
Transition Stirling recently held their first repair cafe.  It was a resounding success, but there were also things learnt for next time.  I went along to  check it out (and get a couple of things fixed). Here's my blog.

Moray Waste Busters run a fantastic re-use drop off and shop facility at a council run recycling centre.  I popped in for a visit when I was in the area, and you can read about what I found.

Library of Things - there are now a few libraries of things around Scotland and more being planned, but you might like this little video of one in London.

CCF funded projects - you can see case studies, reports and maps of CCF funded projects around Scotland on the CCF website.

Valuing our clothes

For those who've been on our 'Love Your Clothes' training, you'll be aware of the 'Valuing our Clothes' report.  I'm pleased to say that a new updated report has just been released and makes for some interesting reading.
There's plenty of good news and opportunities to be had;
  • Sustainable Clothing Action Plan signatories have made significant improvements, reducing carbon by 10.6%, water by 13.5%, and waste across the product life cycle by 0.8%, per tonne of clothing since 2012. This is the equivalent of one and a half hot air balloons of carbon; over 23 thousand baths full of water; and the equivalent of 30 pairs of women’s jeans for every tonne of clothing sold;
  • the amount of clothing in household residual waste in the UK has reduced by 50,000 tonnes since 2012;
  • the carbon footprint has been reduced by 700,000 tonnes CO2e through people washing their clothes at lower temperatures, and ironing and tumble drying less frequently, and further savings are possible in this area;
  • big environmental savings can be made by focusing on ‘priority products’;
  • switching to sustainable cotton continues to present one of the biggest opportunities for clothing retailers and brands; and further progress in this area could meet the SCAP target for water; and
  • with rising global demand for clothing we urgently need to secure new sources of materials and find new markets for used clothing. Fibre to fibre recycling is a key opportunity.

CRNS Forums

Some of you heard about CRNS (Community Resources Network Scotland) and met Tony from CRNS at the re-use cascade workshops. 
For those who didn't - and may not have heard of CRNS, here's a description of their purpose taken from their website; "We exist to build a stronger community recycling and reuse sector in Scotland that can create real social, environmental and economic benefit within our local communities."

One of the many benefits of joining CRNS (at only £10 for the year) is their regional networking sessions.  The next ones are;

13th September: Edinburgh
14th September: Glasgow
18th September: Aberdeen
19th September: Inverness

Forums are FREE to CRNS member organisations. They provide an opportunity for our reuse, repair and recycling organisations to network, get strategic updates from CRNS and engage with speakers on a topic of interest.  Refreshments and a networking lunch are provided.
Online toy swap 

Lochaber has a toy library, but we also loved this idea from San Francisco - an online toy swap network ...

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Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) 

If you're running a textiles project, you might be interested to read more about SCAP.  SCAP is an industry-led action plan that delivers positive environmental and economic outcomes to organisations, by reducing carbon, water and waste through the SCAP 2020 Commitment.  You can see their latest newsletter here ...

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DIY Fidget spinner 

And to finish on a more fun note - how about making your own fidget spinner with using up some reclaimed wood ...

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